Leadership Advisory Programming

A selection of RightPath® Leadership Advisory programming from Calibrate Legal

Program Description
Ensuring Team Dynamics Foster Effectiveness Even the most high-functioning teams go through periods of miscommunication or disagreement. Too much conflict can derail a team, while no conflict can be a sign of artificial agreement. This program utilizes the five dysfunctions model (from Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team) to build skills for engaging in healthy, “creative” conflict resulting in a team’s enhanced ability to troubleshoot problems and identify creative solutions.
Be an Impact Player at Your Firm: The Secret Formula  This session will engage and challenge business services professionals to impact results by delivering at their highest and best.  It will cover the importance of Executive Presence, Emotional Intelligence, Quality Relationships, Strategic Investment and Measurable Results and discuss how leveraging all four can successfully position talented professionals to significantly impact their firm’s success and catapult their own career.
Your People, Your Assets This program identifies each of the critical touchpoints for building and keeping your most valuable assets, your people. Each stage of your talent lifecycle offers an opportunity to demonstrate your firm values- from drafting position profiles, developing meaningful on-boarding programs, cultivating talent development through training and retention initiatives and, alternatively, understanding how to facilitate termination processes with dignity and integrity.

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Calibrate Legal holds a license to utilize RightPath Resources® assessment, team building and succession planning tools.