Common Client Questions

As a representative of our firm, how do we ensure your tactics to reach people who are not looking are above board?

Each member of our recruiting team has worked inside law firms so we understand and appreciate the legal and ethical landscapes that govern law firm hiring practices. We approach candidates on your behalf with the utmost care and discretion, and without any pressure. Our extensive candidate pool often looks to our recruiters as market insiders and, as a result, candidates are often eager to talk with us whether or not they are actively pursuing a career move.


If you only represent law firms, doesn't that mean that you have a limited pool of talent?

Our vast network of candidates reaches well beyond the legal market. As the legal landscape changes, so does the composition of once traditional marketing and HR departments. Fortunately, our clients recognize that talent from outside the legal world is generating significant competitive advantages and meeting a very real need. Our network includes candidates with diverse experience from a wide range of industries including: accounting, consulting, financial services, advertising, public relations, media and entertainment, healthcare, life sciences, energy, technology, non-profit, and government.

How do you decide what firm to send a candidate to?

Our years of experience have reaffirmed that there is more to a good fit than meeting a position’s requirements. There must also be a cultural fit. Our team will take the time to get to know you, your department, and your firm. With that information, we will curate the best candidates who not only meet the specific skills you need, but can also integrate into, and contribute to, your firm culture. Our interview-to-offer efficiency rate of 98% demonstrates our ability to find candidates that meet, and often exceed, our clients’ expectations.

We understand that Calibrate Legal only does retained and exclusive searches. How does this benefit my firm?

One of the advantages of retaining our team is that you are projecting a sophisticated message to the marketplace that says you recognize the value of your marketing and human resources teams and are willing to invest in an expert to help you find the best talent. We’ve also found that candidates are more likely to consider our “pitch” on your behalf when we tell them you have retained us exclusively.

If cost and quality inform your decision-making, this breakdown of the true quantitative and qualitative costs articulates the real price of going it alone against choosing a search expert.


We have an urgent need- how quickly are you able to provide us with a short list of candidates?

Given our deep ties to the industry, we will know most of the people who would ordinarily apply for your role and who are most qualified. This allows us to expedite the screening process, allowing you to save precious time and resources. In cases like this, we can submit the most qualified candidates to you in four weeks or less, depending on various factors. Keep in mind that the candidates we present will already be curated for you to ensure they are both qualified and well matched with your firm’s culture.

Can your team help us fill a position that has a challenging dynamic, even though we’ve struck out with other recruiters?

We are known for helping clients fill positions where there may be a challenging dynamic. The key is to understand and appreciate the context around any obstacles that exist so we can tactfully present the position to candidates. When they understand the complexities of the role in advance, the right candidate will embrace the challenge head on.

We’re in the process of building or restructuring our department and need some insight into current market trends. Is this something your team could provide? 

Our day-to-day work and ongoing conversations with industry players provide us with deep insight into the legal market and best practices. Our exposure to candidates outside of legal also informs our knowledge of other industries that are innovative in their staffing practices. Armed with our knowledge of the legal landscape, we welcome the chance to work with you as you contemplate the best framework for your evolving team, and how you can maximize results for your firm.