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Call to Action for Universal Inclusion

Achieving success for clients does not rest solely on the shoulders of the lawyers and billable teams.

It is also driven by an ecosystem of Revenue Enablers™ that includes business services professionals who are not billable: HR, IT, Finance, Marketing/BD, Facilities, Administration and more. These professionals may comprise up to 50% of a typical law firm’s total headcount.

But a recent Calibrate Legal poll showed that only 55% of law firms allow business services professionals to participate in their programming for affinity groups, and only 26% include them in their alumni communities.

By failing to address the need for diversity and inclusion enterprise-wide — or as we call it,  “Universal Inclusion” — law firms are only partially delivering on the full commitment that clients want and expect. Diversity, equity and inclusion must encompass all of the talent inside the walls of a law firm — not just the lawyers.

Introducing Calibrate ID

Calibrate Legal’s annual research program, Calibrate ID, aims to measure and understand inclusion and diversity (defined in terms of gender, race, LGBTQ+, disability, and military service) among business service professionals at Am Law 200 firms. The first-of-its-kind study seeks to address inclusion and diversity efforts at law firms more holistically and to foster innovation.

The research will allow participating firms to:
  • Gain a clear and factual understanding of the current state of diversity in their business services roles, documented in a Diversity Scorecard.
  • Benchmark specific goals, accountability measures and performance indicators for diversity in these positions across the profession.
  • Understand the value of true inclusion within the lifecycle of recruiting, promotion, and retention.
  • Participate in a consortium of solution-oriented law firms to solve for results.

2020 Charter Firms

Ballard Spahr
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Calibrate ID provides an evergreen benchmark that empowers firms to cultivate a truly inclusive culture with understanding, appreciation, and celebration of all its lawyers and professional staff.

To learn more about this critical research program and how your firm can benefit, we invite you to download the Calibrate ID brochure.

To inquire about participation, contact Jennifer Johnson, CEO, Calibrate Legal.

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