Jennifer Johnson’s latest article, “CMOs – The Culture Stewards of Tomorrow’s Law Firm,” published on JD Supra, builds a case for authentic firm culture as the foundation of the brand and advocates for Marketing to lead that charge.

In theory, your brand is an external reflection of your internal culture. It communicates who you are out loud so consumers can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy or join. Sadly, the divide between today’s manufactured brands and their respective cultures is wide enough for clients and laterals to get lost within. If only you had an internal leader devoted to understanding and communicating your firm’s identity and a team of brand ambassadors to support that work. Luckily, your CMO is that leader, and Marketing is that team. Look to them to bridge the divide between who you are and who you say you are to your target market. The reward is a brand of substance that can be felt on every level of delivery…because it comes from within. When a firm’s brand and culture reinforce the same values, your voice in the marketplace is clear (and true). That message sets expectations for clients and laterals, ensures a more consistent experience from the top down and builds an internal atmosphere of purpose. No one is in a better position to effect that kind of clarity than your CMO. 

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