Client Pledge

What you can expect when working with Calibrate Legal

  1. Entry to our vast network of exceptional talent. Our network within the legal sector is deep and longstanding, and we are known for nurturing that network. Our contacts also extend beyond legal into other similar professional service partnership environments that have like-minded cultures and challenges.
  2. To be heard. Your insight and goals provide the fundamentals of our search. Before any campaign begins, we gather input from key stakeholders to educate ourselves on the dynamics of the role and to observe and absorb your culture. With that background, we develop advanced criteria that goes beyond experience to a deeper cultural fit that matches the distinct personality of your firm.
  3. Respect for your time and energy. We recognize the value of your time. Given our deep ties in the industry and prior experience in sophisticated search campaigns in this space, we can execute and provide results to you within four weeks of the launch.
  4. Sophisticated representation. One of the advantages of retaining Calibrate Legal is that you project a sophisticated message to the marketplace that says you recognize the value of your marketing and human resources teams and are willing to invest in an expert to help you find the best talent.
  5. Insider access. Most true impact players are not actively seeking a new role. Our function is to serve as your industry insider to identify talent that aligns with your goals, get their attention and successfully market the opportunity on your behalf.
  6. Curated results. We curate a precise and thoughtful slate of professionals specifically aligned with your needs and culture. Our partnership is only valuable if we can cultivate an impressive shortlist of true talent, not simply those with the obvious background. We’ll stand behind our selection of the professionals that most closely align with your opportunity and goals, and we’ll be prepared to explain our logic.