Time Tracking Tool for Legal Marketing Teams

Track and Analyze Your Team's Time on Marketing Projects

Determining the ROI of Marketing requires you to track not only revenue generated by a marketing project or campaign, but also its cost — including marketers’ time and expenditures.  If you’re not yet time tracking on projects, consider a short pilot project to understand where your team members are spending their time.

For a nominal fee, Calibrate Legal now offers a Time Tracking Tool to help you get a clear picture of time and money your team spends on each task.

How it works

Each of your team members downloads a small application that runs in the background on their Windows computers. As manager, you have access to a portal screen where you can configure projects, select specific employees, use date range shortcuts, see timesheets grouped by date, employee or project, and download them in Excel for further analysis.

Your employees can also see the reports for their own time. All in a few clicks.

To get access to the tool and help in configuring it for your pilot, contact Calibrate Legal.

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