The question of how effective firms are being with the social media efforts may largely come down to the manpower they are willing to put behind a keyboard, especially as clients become too busy for face-to-face networking.

By Frank Ready | November 13, 2019 

Building and maintaining an effective social media strategy takes work, but the extent to which law firms are throwing bodies at the problem may still largely depend upon the size and scope of the organization.

A new Digital Marketing in Law Firms survey released last week by Calibrate Legal and Infinite Global collected input from roughly 100 law firm employees, the majority (68%) of whom indicated that they only had between one and five people on staff dedicated specifically to digital marketing.

When it comes to social media, however, some firms might have just gotten a little ahead of themselves.

Jennifer Johnson, CEO of Calibrate Legal, said eight years ago she noticed that firms were hiring personnel specifically designated towards the handling of social media. But those platforms were still relatively young, and the need for that kind of attention wasn’t quite there yet….

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