A Service Catalog offers a way to document and publish your team’s specific range of available services. It includes a list of services offered by the team, each containing a description of standard deliverables, time required for each, associated costs, requirements for getting started, contact information, and so on.  It can be an excellent communication tool for your clients, and a highly effective relationship building vehicle for your team.

The concept of a “Service Catalog” comes from the world of IT, where corporate technology support teams are increasingly taking a Service Management approach to their deliverables.

Instead of focusing on their departments and technical roles (“I operate the technical infrastructure for the company’s data networks”), modern IT organizations focus on their end customers and the services IT delivers to make their lives easier.

This customer-focused approach often starts with a robust definition of each service offered by the IT team, including components, features, benefits, end customer, business priority, cost and other dimensions – the Service Catalog.

Forward-looking Marketing and BD teams are now taking lessons from IT and producing Marketing/BD service catalogs of their own.

We’re pleased to offer a free “How-To” guide with templates for a Marketing/BD Service Catalog customized for legal marketing teams.
Download the Guide

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