Calibrate’s Director of Recruiting and Consulting Strategy was quoted in Intapp’s Horizons blog on a survey of LMA members concerning challenges faced by law firm marketers.  Intapp’s survey indicates that marketing professionals in the legal industry face more challenges internally than marketers across industries.

Kathryn Whitaker, Director of Recruitment & Strategy Consulting at Calibrate Legal further confirmed this, as responses from their recent legal marketing survey showed that “the number one challenge [for marketers was] described as “lack of resources” with “internal barriers” coming in a close second.” This is why the legal talent and executive search firm is committed to redefining legal marketers as Revenue Enablers™️.  “When lawyer leaders understand marketing as essential to the business of law and [the fact] that Revenue Enablers™️ help you achieve sustainable growth, those internal barriers lessen,” says Whitaker.

In legal, marketing professionals are more than twice as likely to be challenged to demonstrate ROI over other primary challenges like driving growth or gaining the support of your executive team.

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