The Law Firm Disrupted: ‘Revenue Enablers’ Know Best

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Legal Blogger Dan Packel,  who writes The Law Firm Disrupted for, interviews Calibrate CEO Jennifer Johnson Scalzi...

Jennifer Johnson Scalzi
Jennifer Johnson Scalzi

I was speaking earlier this week to Jennifer Johnson Scalzi, CEO of management consulting and executive search firm Calibrate Legal, for an article I’ve got in the works on the growing presence of non-lawyer professionals in law firms.

At least, that’s how I started the conversation. Scalzi, however, prefers to call them “revenue enablers.”

“It’s become a pejorative term,” she says of “non-lawyers”—one that reinforces the historical hierarchy of haves and have-nots in the industry.

Of course, there are structural reasons that hierarchy persists. Regardless of how well these folks do their jobs, they will never have a shot at an ownership stake in the firm (let’s keep an eye on what the State Bar of California is doing, however.)

Calibrate itself made some news this week by hiring one of these professionals, err, revenue enablers—Burr & Forman’s former client relations director—as its new director of recruiting and consulting strategy…

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