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February 2020

Calibrate Legal News

Revenue Enablers™️ help law firms achieve sustainable growth, says Calibrate’s Kathryn Whitaker

Kathryn Whitaker Calibrate’s Director of Recruiting and Consulting Strategy was quoted in Intapp’s Horizons blog on a survey of LMA members concerning challenges faced…Read More +

January 2020

Calibrate Legal News

Calibrate Legal Launches Rising Stars Practice

Calibrate Legal has launched a new Rising Stars practice to help law firms find their next up-and-coming Revenue Enablers™.Read More +

November 2019

Calibrate Legal News

Firms Are (Slowly) Friending Social Media Professionals

The question of how effective firms are being with the social media efforts may largely come down to the manpower they are willing to…Read More +
Calibrate Legal News

Survey Results Offer Benchmarks on Law Firm Digital Marketing Efforts

NEW YORK, November 7, 2019 — Calibrate Legal, a management consulting and executive search firm, and Infinite Global, a public relations, branding and content…Read More +
Executive Search

CMO Vacancies a Cause for Concern
Calibrate CEO interviewed in American Lawyer

CMO vacancies at large law firms may be a cause for concern, says Calibrate Legal’s Jennifer Johnson. The Calibrate CEO was interviewed for a…Read More +

October 2019

Calibrate Legal News

Calibrate Legal Welcomes Anna Baer

Calibrate Legal is pleased to announce  that Anna Baer has joined our team of experienced law firm Recruitment Consultants.  Anna will focus on helping…Read More +

September 2019

Calibrate Legal News

Calibrate Legal welcomes Katalin Vlaskovits 

Kati Vlaskovits We are delighted to announce that Kati Vlaskovits has joined Calibrate Legal as a Consultant.  Kati has over 15 years of experience…Read More +

June 2019

Calibrate Legal News

The Law Firm Disrupted: ‘Revenue Enablers’ Know Best

Law firms are hiring more business professionals, and the recruiters who help fill these roles are also staffing up. Both can have sharp insights into how well firms are preparing for the future. Welcome to this week’s installment of the Law Firm Disrupted.Read More +

May 2019

Executive Search

Kathryn Whitaker Joins Calibrate Legal as Director of Recruiting and Consulting Strategy

Kathryn Whitaker joins Calibrate as Director of Recruiting and Consulting Strategy. She has 15 years of experience as a law firm marketing and business development professional, working at large and mid-sized law firms.Read More +

October 2018

Women in Business

Calibrate CEO Featured in
“Wonder Women in Business” Podcast

Calibrate Legal CEO Jennifer Johnson was interviewed by podcaster Susan C. Freeman for the podcast Wonder Women In Business.  In an episode titled “You Can…Read More +