In late 2020, Calibrate Legal, working with marketing consultancy  Craig Group, surveyed  a group of legal marketing technology specialists to understand how they measure success in digital marketing.  Highlights of the survey follow.

  • 53% of respondents do not use  paid media campaigns (such as paid search/pay per click, paid social media ads, digital display ads, streaming audio and video, print ads) to drive traffic to their website.
  • The remaining 47% of responding firms spend an average of $3,200 per month on paid media campaigns.
  • Only half of the responding firms  are measuring conversions on their digital platforms.  The remaining firms appear to be using only basic web traffic metrics (such as visits and views) to measure success.

We strongly believe that more precise and targeted metrics are needed to measure the success of digital marketing efforts.  Rather than focusing on web traffic, digital teams should focus on conversions, which represent real engagement with contacts.

Legal Marketing Professionals can add more value to their firms by implementing systems to track conversions and demonstrate ROI for marketing spend.