Leadership and Talent Development Services

Calibrate Legal provides elbow-to-elbow consulting and facilitation to create talent strategies that attract, retain and develop talent in a highly competitive market.

Team Development

Audience: Business services or attorney teams seeking to develop self-awareness, an understanding of the strengths and differences of teammates and strategies for leveraging the strengths of the team for maximum effectiveness and impact.

Expected outcomes: During the workshop, participants will work together to create strategies and joint accountabilities for increased collaboration and cooperation resulting in higher levels of efficiency and work satisfaction.

Leadership Development

Audience: Law firm C Suite or other business services teams seeking to develop leadership skills to cascade through the organization. We help firms build a consistent platform for developing leaders including the use of a 360-degree feedback tool. Custom tailored annual planning meeting, workshop, or unique event when a new C-level member joins the team.

Expected outcomes: Embracing this leadership development platform and creating an environment of trust and continuous feedback will transform your team, affirm a commitment to life-long learning and development and positively impact engagement and retention.

“Very Best Fit” Talent Acquisition

Audience: Firms seeking an assessment to use in talent acquisition which will increase the likelihood of success, including culture fit. Calibrate Legal provides consultation on effectively utilizing the assessment to ask the right questions of potential candidates.

Expected outcomes: Firms who embrace these tools, will experience an increased confidence in selecting candidates with the right abilities and potential to lead them into the future in addition to smoother acclimation and higher talent retention.

Tooling up Super Achievers or Preparing for Change:

Audience: Firms seeking to "up their game" or "take it to the next level" (as those relate specifically to functions including marketing, business development, legal recruiting, HR, professional development) and seek unbiased perspective and industry expertise to assess current capabilities and provide a blueprint for transformational change. Organizational design and structure, team member effectiveness, career path development, competency models, etc.

Expected outcomes: A highly functioning team that is strategically and culturally aligned with the firm and team goals. Firms will come away with a defined current state developed from key stakeholder interviews and a detailed plan for achieving immediate improvements in service and deliverables as well as a prioritized action plan for transformational change.

Retreats, Workshops, Planning Meetings

Audience: Firms seeking team and individual development as well as leadership development workshops for team retreats or annual planning meetings.

Expected outcomes: Reinvigorated team members will receive customized development to help them perform at their highest and best.