Going Global

Some of our candidates wish to leverage our international reach to seek out an opportunity overseas. We use our global reach during these times to connect our candidates to all corners of the globe.

Whether your motivation stems from professional advancement (international experience to enhance your growth and career opportunities) or personal circumstances (perhaps your spouse is being relocated with their role resulting in you needing to seek a new opportunity), if find yourself needing a role in another country, we can talk to you about what to expect, the legal landscape and cultural nuances, as well as some of the logistical considerations.

Our consultants, who have experienced relocations of their own, and can provide both professional advice and personal guidance to break down the barriers for you.

Here are some early considerations when considering a global position:

Ask yourself the following...

  • How much notice do I need to give my current firm, and what sort of notice periods do law firms in the country I am moving to typically have?
  • What are my networks in that country?  Will I need to start from scratch or can I leverage my existing connections?
  • If I need to start from scratch with new connections, how can I get a head start on this now?
  • What professional associations can I join to begin expanding my networks?
  • Would I find an apartment to live myself, or would I have a professional help me do this (and would an employer offer this service)?
  •  Would my existing bank be able to continue to serve me, or would I need to establish a relationship with a new bank?
  •  What areas would I be content living in, and what sort of a commute would I be comfortable with?
  •  Will I need to buy a car, or can I use public transportation for my day-to-day needs?