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When you gather a set of resumes for a law firm business services role, you’ve only completed the first step of the hiring process.

Although you may have a list of people who are qualified for the job, your biggest challenge lies ahead:  selecting a candidate whose expertise, experience and personal qualities offer the best fit with your firm.

Too often, discussions about “fit” center on attorneys’ personal opinions about a candidate’s merits (or lack thereof).  While attorney opinions are certainly part of the evaluation process, we believe it’s important to ground them in real data about the candidate.  That’s why we help our clients conduct thorough research and due diligence on every candidate considered for a role.

In the attached infographic, we offer an easy-to-remember approach for finding a fit with your firm.  We hope you find it useful.

Click to download the infographic

Jenny SchwopeAuthor Jenny Schwope is a Recruiting Manager with Calibrate Legal. Jenny works directly with candidates and law firm clients to ensure everyone’s needs are met throughout the life cycle of the recruiting process.

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