Jennifer Johnson Scalzi presenting to LMA regions and local city groups nationally on: Recalibrating from Non-Lawyer to Revenue Enabler

It’s time to put legal professionals at the forefront of the next era of the legal industry evolution. Jennifer Johnson Scalzi will take her presentation,Recalibrate from Non-Lawyer to Revenue Enabler (TM): Position Yourself and Your Team to Work in Tandem with Revenue Producers to Achieve Sustainable Growth,” to LMA chapters across the country to redefine business services professionals as revenue enablers, and not overhead.

In this session, Jennifer will reveal how marketing/BD experts can elevate their function as from being perceived as “overhead” to being essential and critical by enabling revenue production and growth.  Specific topics:

  • Curating wider perspectives and challenging the status quo
  • Becoming a “seer” and facilitating possibility
  • Envisioning, leading and embracing change
  • Conducting proactive metrics reporting
  • Contributing and investing in your profession

Complete program schedule:

9/13: Dallas LMA Local Group

9/14: Houston LMA Local Group

9/26: Los Angeles LMA Local Group

9/27: Orange County LMA Local Group (morning program), San Diego (afternoon program)

9/28: Seattle LMA Local Group (webcast to Portland)

1/16/18: Cleveland LMA Local Group

1/17/18: Minnesota LMA Local Group

1/18/18: Chicago LMA Local Group