Data Driven Marketing and BD for Law Firms
Calibrate Legal at LMA Eastern Canada


Calibrate Legal’s Gordon Braun-Woodbury will participate in a panel on data driven marketing at the LMA Eastern Canada Conference in Toronto, November 21 2019.

‘With the availability of tools and data, we often talk about “data driven marketing”, but why and what does that mean for law firms?

In this talk we will survey the phases of becoming data driven, sources of data at the disposal of law firm marketing and business development departments, the process of pulling your data together to ask questions of it, the tools available to view and explore your data, and the process by which you can tackle a meaningful project at your firm.

We will look at helpful tools such as Microsoft Power BI and data standards, such as the SALI Legal Matter Specification Standard to help you classify your data for analysis. We will even touch upon some AI tools being used in marketing and business development.

Presenters for this session:

Calibrate Legal

Chief Information Officer
Allen Matkins

Managing Director, Strategic Planning
Lenczner Slaght

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