Data-Driven Digital Marketing: Understanding the Art & Nuances
Calibrate Legal at LMA Tech West

San Francisco, California

This panel discussion at the LMA Tech West conference will address the current state and capabilities of data-driven digital marketing and the ROI that can flow from it.

The panel will discuss the importance of developing and executing a holistic marketing and communications strategy, how smart content creation feeds the funnel and how building the proper target personas can influence a successful digital campaign.

We will also present a few brief case studies that showcase what a successful campaign can look like, and how that ROI can be championed across a firm’s management committee – no matter what the structure.

We will address the art of “selling” data-driven digital marketing within a firm and offer insights as to how panel participants have been able to get buy-in and support at their firms – no matter how reluctant partners may have been from the initial proposals.

Last, we will explain and dive deeper into how legal marketers can leverage the data in sophisticated ways to strengthen their positions internally, as well as to ultimately help their lawyers win new business.

Panel Participants:

  • Jennifer Mir, Director of Marketing, Manatt
  • Kathryn Whitaker, Director of Recruitment and Consulting Strategy, Calibrate Legal
  • Moderator: Ken Gary, Partner, Baretz+Brunelle


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