2/13/18: Boston, Recalibrating from “Non-Lawyer” to Revenue Enabler


It’s time to put legal professionals at the forefront of the next era of the legal industry evolution. Jennifer Scalzi will take her presentation,“Recalibrate from ‘Non-Lawyer’ to Revenue Enabler (TM): Shifting the Collective Perspective,” to LMA chapters across the country to redefine business services professionals as revenue enablers, and not overhead.

In this session, Jennifer will reveal how marketing/BD experts can elevate their function as from being perceived as “overhead” to being essential and critical by enabling revenue production and growth. Specific topics:

• Curating wider perspectives and challenging the status quo
• Becoming a “seer” and facilitating possibility
• Envisioning, leading and embracing change
• Conducting proactive metrics reporting
• Contributing and investing in your profession

Complete Revenue-Enabler program schedule:
9/13: Dallas LMA Local Group
9/14: Houston LMA Local Group
9/26: Los Angeles LMA Local Group
9/27: Orange County LMA Local Group (morning program), San Diego (afternoon program)
9/28: Seattle LMA Local Group (webcast to Portland)
1/16/18: Cleveland LMA Local Group
1/17/18: Minneapolis LMA Local Group
1/18/18: Chicago LMA Local Group
2/13/18: Boston LMA Local Group

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