World-class legal marketing is an exquisitely choreographed dance of people, process, technology, and data. How are those elements working in your department? Are they harmonized to drive success?
Here are a few situations we’ve encountered where law firms’ marketing dance has been out of sync.

Lack of Process

Recently our consultants worked with a law firm that wanted to acquire a new CRM and email marketing platform. When we talked to them about how they organized email campaigns, we learned that they depended on attorneys to send pre-formatted emails to their clients via Outlook. In short, they lacked a process for centralized email campaigns – they were not ready for the technology they wanted to buy.

Data Decay

Another firm had a serious data problem in their CRM – they had a backlog of more than 20,000 outdated contacts that needed fixing. The problem was getting worse by the day, and the marketing team was overcommitted with no bandwidth to address it.

Brand Damage

In another firm, three different practice groups each maintained their own spreadsheets of contacts for email marketing purposes. The firm’s clients would often receive separate marketing emails from each group on the same topic. The emails looked different because each group was using its own template and wrote its own copy.

Channel Conflict

We’ve even run into situations where different practice groups in the same firm submitted proposals for the same client opportunity – simply because pitches and proposals were not tracked centrally.

Shall We Dance?

We see it as our mission to help clients get in front of these kinds of issues. Our job is to support you in choreographing your own firm’s marketing “dance” by harmonizing the inter-relationships of people, process technology and data to get a world-class result.
So if you’re looking for help with your firm’s marketing choreography, consider Calibrate Legal.  We have several ways to assist you.
If you’re not sure where to start…
Our Talent+Tech package offers a low-cost, low-risk way for you to self-assess your marketing organization, diagnose People, Process, Technology and Data issues, and get started on solving them.

Visit our website to get more information on our Talent+Tech package.

Purchase a Talent+Tech BASIC package today via Calibrate Legal’s Online Store.

If you have already identified a particular issue…

Talk to us about your needs for additional resources and expertise. We’ll help you define the problem and propose a roadmap for solving it.

At Calibrate Legal, we’re ready to help you harmonize the dance of legal marketing at your firm. We look forward to working with you.

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