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March 2020

Job search

Tips to Get Ready for a Video Interview

If you’re applying for a legal marketing position these days, you will more than likely be asked to participate in one or more on-demand…Read More +

February 2020


CMO Churn: Reduce it by Getting the Hiring Process Right

Jennifer Johnson Strong marketing leadership is a prime area of opportunity to help firms navigate through what will prove to be a transformative chapter…Read More +

August 2019

Executive Search

Legal Marketing in the US and UK — Podcast featuring Jennifer Johnson

In this podcast, Calibrate Legal’s Jennifer Johnson  and Totum’s Rebecca Ellis discuss the nuances of legal marketing in the US and UK. Rebecca and…Read More +

August 2017

Building a Team

Results of our Flexible Work Arrangements Survey

We are only beginning to see the impact of a high speed global economy, consumer choice, innovation and generational shifts on our workplaces.   The…Read More +

April 2017

Job search

Talent Retention Strategies: The Growth of Flexible Work Arrangements in Law Firms

Our daily work brings us into conversations with law firm leaders and the legal professionals charged with hiring, marketing, training and retaining legal talent…Read More +

August 2016

Building a Team

Using Your Interview Process to Create a Thoughtful Candidate Experience

By: Kate Harry Shipham This year is proving to be a buyer’s market in the legal marketing world. Unprecedented growth and movement in our industry…Read More +

May 2016

Building a Team

Recognizing Great Talent Through a New Lens

By: Kate Harry Shipman The ‘P3’ Practice Innovation Conference, held in Chicago on May 17-18, did not disappoint on delivering some excellent content and…Read More +
Personal branding

Top 10 Career Milestones

Jennifer Johnson‘s article, “Top 10 Career Milestones” was published in the March/April 2016 edition of Strategies– The Journal of Legal Marketing.  Looking to get…Read More +

March 2016

Building a Team

Finding a Fit: How to Structure Your Interviews

You’ve narrowed down your pile of resumés to a pool of possible candidates. Read more on how to head into the interview with background…Read More +

January 2016

Job search

5 Tips to Get Your Resume Ready

The beginning of a new year is a great time to make sure your resume is up to date with all of your accomplishments…Read More +