Calibrator™ Marketing Dashboard

Bring your firm’s marketing data to life.

Can you attribute marketing activities to revenue and back up your recommendations with data? Do you struggle to create meaningful reports from data in your spreadsheets, CRM, email, financial and other systems? Do you wish you could visualize your most important marketing and BD data on demand?

Using Calibrator™, a powerful data visualization and dashboard solution, we can help you build high-impact visual reports that:

  • Uncover business insights by combining financial, marketing and matters data in a single report.
  • Encourage client focus with an all-in-one dashboard for each of your practice groups or key clients.
  • Increase accountability for results — with Key Performance Indicators for each of your programs.
  • Engage your attorneys by displaying marketing data in a visual format that highlights trends and issues.
  • Save you time and effort by automating cumbersome manual reports.

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