A Message to our Clients from Jennifer Johnson, CEO

All of us are searching for a way to find “business as usual” in this current environment that is challenging us to re-think how we lead our day-to-day lives, professionally and personally.  Calibrate Legal has been a virtual working environment for over nine years, and we now find that experience and discipline to be an asset to leverage for our clients. The talent pool is still highly active, and we believe you can be too.

It’s no secret that we believe Revenue Enabler™ roles – such as the one YOU hold – can directly impact a law firm’s ability to thrive.  With a lens focused on marketing and business development:  if lawyers stop participating in business development activities during this time of crisis, the sales pipeline of the firm will have gaps that result in revenue shortfalls down the road. By the same token, if firms put their recruiting plans on hold, they will lose momentum and efforts will stagnate.

We know it’s hard enough to get lawyers to keep the recruiting process moving on a good day, and it is going to become even more challenging in the weeks to come.  As a Revenue Enabler™ you can influence the direction the firm takes in finding its new normal, and one way to do so is encouraging firm leaders to actively engage in virtual recruiting.

Here are some steps you can take to empower the recruitment process to continue:

  • Adopt a cloud-based platform and begin conducting interviews virtually; we are confident your IT professionals are hyper vigilant about security, so we suggest you use these tools for conversations that are not related to the business of serving clients. Our favorite is Zoom, and we find that most candidates also readily use the tool which will make it easy for them to engage with you.
  • Many people are not accustomed to being on video at their desks, let alone in their homes, and this will certainly be an adjustment.  We suggest that interview formats move forward in a 1:1 way to limit the possibility of lawyers talking over one another (or the candidate).   Here are some suggestions from Forbes magazine to help people prepare for video interviews.  And, here is a piece where I was quoted in 2013 by CBS MoneyWatch on what to wear and how to “produce” your background for video interviews.
  • Make it as easy as possible for the interviewers to do what you need them to do. Offer scripts or a menu of questions to the interviewers and encourage them to stay on-point, preventing the “wandering” style many interviews take and ensuring the firm seems organized and on-point to candidates.  This will also enable the various interviewers to have similar conversations which will help in reconciliation at the scoring phase.
  • Provide scorecards to the interviewers to ensure you wind up with an apples-to-apples comparison of the talent. This approach will provide a much clearer read on an individual’s performance and work to eliminate opinion-based/emotional decisions. Here’s some reading on the “why” behind this concept.
  • Keep the process moving; remember that the best candidates are taking new positions quickly – even this week we have had offers accepted and new assignments launched.  If your goal is to find the purple, flying unicorn then you need to be ready to act – and fast.

While we recognize that you are likely trying to find your footing, please know that the talent pool is still active and engaged. As a Revenue Enabler™, there is an opportunity to help your firm ensure business bounces back sooner than later by encouraging the recruitment of all positions to continue by embracing a virtual recruitment process.

Calibrate has recently worked with firms to create a custom, virtual recruitment process that has yielded favorable results from partners and other senior key stakeholders, saving them their biggest asset: TIME.  Please let us know if we can assist in providing the tools to help you institute this in your firm.

All my best to you and yours,

Jennifer Johnson
Founder, CEO
Calibrate Legal, Inc.