Join Calibrate’s Jennifer Johnson and other industry experts for a Law.Com webinar on budgeting and forecasting for 2022.

Law firms and legal departments each year consider carefully what staffing, travel and other expenses they will need in the year ahead. After a high level of uncertainty plagued budgeting in 2020 going into 2021, leaders expected the 2022 planning process to be better informed. What impact is the extended COVID-19 pandemic having on how law firms and legal departments are forecasting and budgeting for revenue and spend, respectively?

As organizations lean on lessons learned in the pandemic, and prepare for a new normal even if the delta variant has demonstrated that the public health crisis is far from over. In other ways, many question marks remain.

What will practicing law look like in 2022? How do firms budget with the highly competitive talent market in mind? What staff roles are most relevant to the business of law at firms and in-house? What resources require investment to keep up morale and productivity as many choose to work remotely, at least part of the time, long-term?

Featured Speakers:
  • Matt Sunderman, President | Advisory, HBR Consulting
  • Jennifer Johnson, CEO, Calibrate Legal
  • Kimberly Bell, Senior Director, Morae Legal
  • Mark Medice, Principal, LawVision
  • Patrick Fuller, Vice President, ALM Intelligence
  • Lizzy McLellan, Senior Editor, Business of Law

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