A Superior Search Process

Our Fully Integrated Search Campaign

We recognize that you will want to access the best talent quickly, and believe the most effective approach is to use a fully-integrated search campaign that includes:

Direct Search

Candidates for this role will not necessarily be actively on the job market. Therefore, we will focus on individual outreach to targeted top-tier talent in order to effectively market the opportunity. As an added benefit, this approach projects a meaningful message to the marketplace that says: this law firm recognizes the value of this role and is willing to invest in an expert to find the best talent.


We will utilize our database of thousands of candidates who are both on and off the current job market. We have immediate access to candidates who are on the ground in all major legal markets in North America.

Active Referrals

Our vast network includes candidates and fellow connectors with diverse experience from a wide range of industries. They offer a wealth of candid and personal knowledge to identify referrals and references that ensure we are reaching out to and considering all possible candidates for your role.

Newsletters and Social Media

As part of the campaign, we can profile your firm in a variety of ways, including marketing the role in our monthly newsletter (11k+ distribution list and growing) as well as social media platforms.