The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on public health and the global economy. Yet there are lessons learned through this crisis — about resilience, the importance of lawyers and what fundamentally matters to clients — that will yield business development dividends.

As legal marketers show their strength in helping firms adapt to what’s next, there are certain skills that will prove most valuable.  As you consider professional development opportunities over the next year, reflect on the following crucial skills:


Understand financial performance metrics

...and the movement from revenue-centric models to profitability.

Demonstrate value

... by actively tracking the impact of marketing and business development projects and developing clear and concise reports

Champion marketing technology tools

Advocate for the purpose, benefits and uses of marketing technology tools as firms become more digitized and technology adoption accelerates.

Recognize change management as a discipline

...maintaining stability during organizational change and experiencing higher levels of personal resilience.

Advocate for the client experience

Become an expert and internal trainer on the client experience at your firm.

Become a pricing guru

Anticipate continued pressure on pricing and hone your fluency with alternative fee arrangements (AFA)

Embrace employee engagement practices

Become an advocate for transparent and regular internal communications.

Establish a marketing operations function fully leverage talent, processes and technology for department and firm success

Develop analytics skills

...and improve your ability to extract, transform and manipulate marketing data.

What we know to be true is that employees are most engaged when working on an activity that piques their curiosity and personally interests them. What on this list intrigues you? Make it a goal of yours to dig in on the subject and learn something new. With all the buzz about the year 2020 needing a redo, consider it a new New Year’s resolution.

Kathryn Whitaker is the director of recruitment and strategy consulting at Calibrate Legal. This article originally appeared in the LMA’s Strategies magazine.


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