How to Lengthen the Marketing Leadership Life Cycle

Jennifer JohnsonBeing a Leader

Calibrate Legal Founder and CEO Jennifer Johnson comments on the marketing leadership life cycle in this Law.Com article.

Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson

“When Jennifer Johnson made the change from law firm marketing to recruiter in 2004, there was a buzz about the so-called life cycle for law firm marketing professionals.

“There was a rumor that it was an 18 months turnover,” Scalzi, CEO of Calibrate Legal, told the Mid-Market Report in a recent interview.

The average is longer than that, at least more recently.  A study of AmLaw 200 firms conducted by Calibrate Legal using data as of 2017 from LinkedIn, set the average tenure at five years and eight months for “first chair” marketing professionals – those in “chief” or “director” roles.

Still, with a handful of very long-tenured people at some Am Law 200 firms skewing the data to some extent, the true average might be closer to three years, Scalzi estimated.

All those averages are longer than the once-rumored 18 months, but perhaps they are shorter than law firms would like them to be.”

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