Carol Crawford in ALA’s Legal Management magazine on stay interviews

Carol CrawfordBeing a Leader

Carol Crawford was a featured author in this month’s edition of the ALA magazine Legal Management for her article “Staying the Course.”

Article on Stay Interviews

The focus of the article is to build a case for stay interviews as a way to proactively gather feedback on why your best talent stays. Alternatively, exit interviews serve as a reactive measure that only provide insight to inform the future, not the present.

As Carol explained in the article:

“Exit interviews have long been used to determine why employees leave organizations. That feedback can be valuable, but the window to prevent losing that person has already closed. Now, a developing practice aims to discover what factors contribute to a talented employee’s satisfaction level and that person’s decision to stay with the organization.

Considering the potential return on investment and the competitive advantage of retaining the most talented professionals, it’s important for law firm leaders to understand how and why stay interviews should be included in a law firm’s suite of operational tools.

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