Carol Crawford in High Performance Counsel: The War for Talent – Playing to Win

Carol CrawfordBeing a Leader

Carol Crawford‘s latest article,”The War for Talent: Playing to Win,” recently published in High Performance Counsel, implores law firms to address talent acquisition and retention strategies with the same urgency and investment as other traditional competitive market differentiators.

From the article:

“The global economy is moving at record-breaking speed. The intersection of consumer choice, innovation, generational shifts and technology has created a ripple effect that has only just begun to impact businesses and their workplaces.  As our economy continues to rebound and the unemployment rate falls to less than half what it was in 2010, hiring and retaining the right employees are becoming an even greater challenge.  Law firms and other organizations are struggling to fill open positions, with some positions remaining vacant for six months or more, causing losses in both revenue and opportunity. For law firms in particular, the 30% decline in law school enrollment between 2010-2016, combined with the increasing number of lawyers who seek careers outside private practice, will continue to put pressure on traditional hiring and staffing models. As firms increasingly look to fortify and/or elevate their in-house business capabilities, true impact players within marketing, business development, talent management and legal project management/pricing will be in even higher demand.

Firms that intentionally develop effective talent strategies which directly support their business strategies will be the ones to rise to the top.”

Read Carol’s complete article in High Performance Counsel here.

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