Marketing Operations

We apply our methodology to business services functions to measure and improve performance, and establish a definitive return on human capital investment to inform future strategy.

  • Metrics:  Build a data-driven culture by designing metrics, key performance indicators, dashboards and scorecards to measure efficiency and top and bottom line contribution
  • Alignment: Assess how closely business services activities align with firm goals, and help firm leaders plan and implement structural and operational changes to increase alignment
  • Processes:  Quantify the cost and impact of core business processes supporting the firm’s profitability; modify processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Data: Design and implement processes around client data that improve the quality and usability of available research to drive recommendations and decisions
  • Technology:  Assess the firm’s CRM, email marketing, social media, web content, event management, prospect management, and analytics to help streamline and optimize available technology

Law Firm Marketing Operations Index: Executive Summary

This proprietary research, conducted by Calibrate Legal and Totum Partners, asked Chief Marketing Officers at the world’s largest law firms for their views on the state of Marketing Operations at their firms. Although the research reveals pockets of excellence and motivation, it shows that law firms, as a group, are not leaders in adopting the Marketing Operations best practices that have been successful in other sectors. Download the Executive Summary or contact us for a copy of the full study.

Are You Ready to Measure?

Today’s high-performing marketers know that measurement is critical to their success. The right marketing metrics will clearly demonstrate the business value of marketing investments. But to create business-relevant metrics, you need to ensure your systems, data, processes and people are properly lined up.

If you’re thinking about a formal marketing measurement program, use our assessment tool to gauge your firm’s readiness.

Marketing Dashboards Primer

A marketing dashboard can be a highly effective tool for communicating the performance of a Marketing/BD team, program, or campaign.  Our infographic describes the fundamentals of effective marketing dashboards – the benefits, the questions they can answer, best practices, and what you need to have in place to create one.

View Calibrate Legal’s Marketing Dashboards Primer here.

Starting Point: Demonstrating Marketing ROI With Our Time Tracking Tool

True ROI Marketing requires you to track not only revenue generated by a marketing project or campaign, but also its cost — including marketers’ time and expenditures.  If you’re not yet tracking time to projects, consider a short pilot project to understand where your team is spending its time.

Our Time Tracking Tool offers a simple approach to get you started. Intermediate knowledge of Excel is required to use this tool successfully.