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October 2016

Market Trends

Making Big Waves in Small Firms

The good news and the bad news about being the sole Marketing/BD professional at a small firm is the exact same- you are the…Read More +
The future of the legal industry

Marketing Process Offshoring: Waiting for the Robots

Has process offshoring jumped the shark?  CIO.COM (and many other commentators) think so. IT Robots May Mean the End of Offshore Outsourcing The argument…Read More +
Marketing Operations

Marketing Measurement: The “Science Project” Syndrome

Run a Google image search on the term “Periodic Table of Marketing Metrics” and you’ll get results that look something like this: Now, the…Read More +
Marketing Operations

Graphic Detail: Daily Visualization Ideas from The Economist

I truly love reading The Economist – the source for some of the best written, most insightful business journalism in the world. One of…Read More +

The Shift: The Customer Data We Need to Win

As a marketing professional, I believe the most critical part of my role is to bring the customer into the heart of the organization.…Read More +