Gordon Braun Woodbury presents at Lex Mundi Americas Marketing/BD Roundtable

Winnipeg, Canada

Program: The Business Case for Marketing Operations

Presented by: Gordon Braun-Woodbury, Marketing Operations Consultant, Calibrate Legal; and Andrew Stoutley, Director of Administration, Tilleke & Gibbins

Competitive intelligence, industry groups, client feedback, pricing strategy, technology and automation—it seems that the list of responsibilities of law firm marketing and business development departments just keeps growing and growing. But how can we ensure that our teams are focusing our efforts on the right areas? To work better, smarter, and faster, we need to make decisions driven by data, supported by technology, and aligned with the goals of the firm and the needs of our clients. In this interactive session, we will review the discipline of Marketing Operations as it applies to law firms, focusing on how to manage performance and optimize business processes within the marketing and BD team.

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