Industry Insights

July 2017

Being a Leader

Carol Crawford in High Performance Counsel: The War for Talent – Playing to Win

Carol Crawford‘s latest article,”The War for Talent: Playing to Win,” recently published in High Performance Counsel, implores law firms to address talent acquisition and retention…Read More +

May 2017

Being a Leader

Critical Skills for Next-Generation Law Firm Leaders

Change is inevitable. Flat demand for traditional legal services, continued pressure on expenses in an environment of uncertainty debunks any myth that law firms…Read More +

February 2017

Being a Leader

Jennifer Scalzi in Forbes, “Please Step Forward: Claiming Your Place as a Leader”

Jennifer Scalzi’s personal testimony on her transition to leadership was published in the Forbes article, “Please Step Forward: Claiming Your Place as a Leader.” In…Read More +

December 2016

Being a Leader

Unleash the Untapped Potential of Your Team – Cultivate Intellectual Curiosity

by: Carol Crawford Your people represent all the intellectual capital and knowledge-ware that exists within your law firm. Through that lens, attorneys and support…Read More +

July 2016

Personal branding

The Freedom to Actually Work

The Janders Dean & Chicago-Kent College of Law “Legal Horizons Conference” held in Chicago on July 14, was a captivating TED-style one-day program.  Speakers…Read More +

June 2016

Personal branding

Book Review: A Recruiter’s Perspective on “The End of Average: How We Succeed in a World that Values Sameness”

I picked up Todd Rose’s book “The End of Average: How We Succeed in a World That Values Sameness” because every day I see incredible…Read More +

May 2016

Building a Team

Recognizing Great Talent Through a New Lens

By: Kate Harry Shipman The ‘P3’ Practice Innovation Conference, held in Chicago on May 17-18, did not disappoint on delivering some excellent content and…Read More +

March 2016

Building a Team

Finding a Fit: How to Structure Your Interviews

You’ve narrowed down your pile of resumés to a pool of possible candidates. Read more on how to head into the interview with background…Read More +

January 2016

Job search

Recap of Talent Session: Marketing Partner Forum

This past week JJES escaped the winter snowstorms and attended the Marketing Partner Forum in Orlando, Florida. We enjoyed seeing some of our clients,…Read More +

August 2015

Market Trends

Mid Year Analysis: A Review of the Last Year in Legal Marketing

By Kate Harry Shipham Mid year is a nice time to pause and reflect, so we have taken the time to do just that.…Read More +