Carol Crawford in AmLaw article: value of marketing positions elevated by their role in client relationships

Carol CrawfordMarketing to Marketers

Law firms spend a considerable amount of time and energy making highly informed decisions about which leaders to add to their ranks. But what happens next is unclear. A November ALM Report shows that about 39% of law firm executives did not feel they played a pivotal role affecting the future of their firms. Carol Crawford, JJES’s Managing Director, was quoted in the American Lawyer article, “Report: Nearly 40 Percent of Law Firms Waste C-Suite Talent,” and explained that despite the current statistics, marketing positions are becoming more highly valued now that they are more central to client relationships.

She added: “Law firms have to be much more strategic and competitive in order to thrive and survive, so they’ve invested in that marketing and particularly business development function…They earned that seat at the table, and it was definitely something you had to earn as opposed to a given.”

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