JJES Releases Am Law 2nd Hundred Survey Data

Jennifer ScalziThe future of the legal industry

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By: Jennifer Johnson Scalzi

While the release of the survey is to a certain extent a representation of people’s thoughts at that moment, I hope you will download the infographic and keep it as a reference throughout the year because there are a few very important indicators regarding technology and specialization. I was pleased to note the forward-looking tone of the responses and I believe it is indicative of a continued upward trajectory. We are in one of the most exciting times in our industry. It mirrors the big shift we saw in our industry about ten years ago but today, the changes are even more technology- and data-driven.

We are experiencing a shortage of talent, and are being tasked to dig deep, and sometimes outside of our industry, to fill critical roles. Data stewards of today evolve into tomorrow’s knowledge management coordinators, sometimes creating their own niche in the process. What begins as a marketing communications coordinator role for a bright mid-level professional could develop into a senior content marketing manager who drives global, cross-office, cross-practice, ROI-focused programs. There’s no limit to what can be done in law firms today because firm leaders know it’s the right thing to do to invest in their strategic, specialized functions. It’s where their clients are focused, and where they need to be.

Part of the fun at JJES is finding exactly the right fit for these roles. It’s not always obvious: sometimes it involves seeing around the corner, anticipating what our client might need in a year, and then finding the person we know is up to the challenge. We wouldn’t be able to know our clients and the industry as well without valuable insights like the ones shared in our survey and in our conversations with you. Thank you for your contributions.

Don’t forget to download the release and the infographic. We’ll be returning to these themes frequently throughout the year.